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Today is March 1, 2020


This is the Covenant Community Church website. It is featured as a pioneering web ministry at and has won a number of awards as a cyberministry site. This is also an entrance portal for you to find the podcasts featuring Jeff at CCC ministries. On this site you will find a variety of resources available in streaming media, downloadable, or written formats.

This is the website that is the companion of Jeff’s book; Visible, Vibrant, & Vital, which deals with the church and the culture. It is loaded with supplemental material and weblinks that explain with greater depth some of the things written about within each chapter.

This is a you “choose the adventure” science fiction game that plays differently based upon your personal choices

This is a website that features a themed resort for terminally ill children and their families. Jeff is one of the founders and serves on the Board of Directors as Vice President.

Contact Jeff at or (407)929-7216

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